The Proxy Fight for Iranian Democracy - Renesys Blog

The Proxy Fight for Iranian Democracy - Renesys Blog This is an article worth reading and understanding. The gist is that the use of proxies to evade censorship in Iran is failing. They are now getting blocked faster than they can be created. This is a basic flaw in the idea of simply deploying a proxy and promoting it. One must assume that the Iranian censors are monitoring the same channels you are trying to use to promote the proxy. After all, a proxy no one knows about is of little use. Public open proxies are similarly doomed because the Iranian censors can use the same discovery tools you do to find such proxies. Also, once you try to let people know about them, the same problem applies as with new proxies.

Distribution of a given proxy address to only a small number of people solves that problem, but it is very limiting. It takes tremendous numbers of proxies to serve a large population, and only those with contacts who have set up proxies are protected.

There are solutions to these problems, but they require substantial technical skills and resources to implement.

If you have contacts within Iran, do what you can to set up closed proxies that they can use to bypass censorship. In the short run, it is an effective action you can take right now. A good place to start would be here.