Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: The Myth of the 'Transparent Society'

Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: The Myth of the 'Transparent Society'This is a nice little article arguing against the idea of Brin's Transparent Society as a solution to the privacy problem. I suspect David Brin would object to the characterization of his work as presenting it as a panacea, but many do so argue.Bruce argues that the relative power disparity makes for un-equal results in the two direction of observation. From my perspective, the idea of enabling the public to watch the government surveillance apparatus is completely unrealistic. It would enable our enemies (and as a nation the US does have real enemies) to reverse engineer and avoid our surveillance. The best one can realistically hope for is very rigorous oversight (which has also seemed unrealistic of late).At the same time the spread of cameras, facial recognition, RFID, etc., is rapidly increasing the level of surveillance of the general population. The only place where observation and recording by the people seems to be really effective is in issues of corruption or abuse of power. Rodney King being an obvious (and ambiguous) example.