TOR may actually reduce your privacy

WikiLeaks seeded its database of documents by intercepting traffic through a TOR node they were operating.

This article at Wired highlights an almost buried section of this New Yorker interview with one of the founders of WikiLeaks.

Before the WikiLeaks site went live, the founders noticed that hackers were transferring stolen government documents over the TOR network. They captured over a million of these documents to form the initial core of the WikiLeaks archive.

This shows once again what I have been saying for a long time. Any privacy system that allows any untrusted and unknown person to become part of the infrastructure and have access to cleartext information is fundamentally flawed.

Any person with malicious intent can easily set up a TOR node and begin exactly the same kind of data collection that the WikiLeaks folks practiced.

Reputation is everything in this business. It is not practical for typical individuals to properly vet their providers. Track record, reputation, and respected third party endorsements are your best bet when choosing a privacy or security provider. Look for those for everyone who has access to your information.