Big Announcement

I have some exciting news to announce today. Anonymizer is in the process of being merged with Abraxas <>. I initially started talking with Abraxas about a possible partnership but synergies between the companies were so clear the conversation quickly went from discussions of teaming to discussions of acquisition. Abraxas is a very well respected risk mitigation company with many unique technologies and capabilities. This combination will enable Anonymizer to significantly enhance and broaden its offerings. I am excited by the prospect of rolling out these new capabilities to our users over the next months and years.  This is the start of a new and exciting phase for Anonymizer.Anonymizer will continue to operate independently under the existing management team (including me) as an independent subsidiary of Abraxas. In addition, I am thrilled to be taking a very visible leadership position in Abraxas as their Chief Scientist. This change will have no negative impact on the level of privacy we provide to our users. My personal reputation is and has been closely linked to the ethical behavior and trustworthiness of Anonymizer. Nothing will happen to compromise that integrity.