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Here is a new “as a service” offering I had never considered. Companies are supporting ISPs in responding to classified FISA court search warrants for the ISPs, including helping to capture the data and deciding if the request is proper. Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA | ZDNet Lance […]

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A New York district judge has ruled that Microsoft must comply with US search warrants for emails stored in European data centers. The argument is that as a US company, Microsoft is subject to the order, and because it has control of its European subsidiary which in turn has control of the data center in […]

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Email Privacy Hearing Set To Go Before The House On Tuesday | WebProNews The House Judiciary Committee is going to be discussing the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. There is a chance that they will strengthen it. This act was written decades ago, before there were any real cloud solutions. Email was downloaded by your email […]

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