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Your Anonymous Posts to Secret Aren’t Anonymous After All | Threat Level | WIRED This article describes a clever attack against Secret, the “anonymous” secret sharing app. Their technique allows the attacker to isolate just a single target, so any posts seen are known to be from them. The company is working on detecting and […]

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Russia seems to have a conflicted relationship with Twitter and Internet censorship in general. While trying to portray themselves as open and democratic, they clearly have a real problem with the radical openness of social media like Twitter. Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of Roscomnadzor (Russia’s censorship agency), said Twitter is a “global instrument for promoting political […]

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Adam Rifkin on TechCrunch has an interesting article about Tumblr and how it is actually used. The thesis of the article is that Tumblr is used more openly and for more sensitive things than Facebook because the privacy model is so much easier to understand and implement. If you have five interests and corresponding social […]

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