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In episode 23 of our podcast for August 2014, I talk about: The absurd alarmism over the new Facebook Messenger App’s privacy settings Brazil’s move to ban anonymity How the secrecy of the secret app has been compromised and finally how Tor users were put at risk by a fake website

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The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep. 22

Welcome to episode 22 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for July, 2014. In this episode I will talk about: A recent revealed compromise of the Tor anonymity system Why Canvas Fingerprinting both is and is not a big deal The coming conflict between US searches and EU privacy How even genealogy information can compromise your identity […]

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In episode 21 of our podcast for July, I talk about: A decision giving Canadians more rights to Anonymity Iraq’s recent blocking of social media and more Iran’s outright criminalization of social media A court decision requiring warrants to access cell tower location data Another court stating that irrelevant seized data needs to be deleted after searches […]

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In episode 19 of The Privacy Blog Podcast, recorded for April 2014, I  talk about: The Heartbleed bug, and why it is such a big deal. A major vulnerability in Internet Explorer, and why we are focusing on the wrong thing. The reasons behind recent pushes for national Internet sovereignty. and finally about the increasingly international […]

In episode 18 of The Privacy Blog Podcast for March 2014 I talk about: Zombie iPhone Bluetooth settings Proposed Australian encryption regulations More from the Mt. Gox and bitcoin saga The cat and mouse of censorship and circumvention in Turkey

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In episode 17 of The Privacy Blog Podcast for February, 2014 I talk about: The just completed RSA Security conference How an email can expose your location A guy who suffered extortion because his username was so valuable. What happened in the latest Bitcoin fiasco Exactly how secure Apple’s iMessage protocol is And finally how insurance […]

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In episode 16 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for January, Twenty Fourteen I talk about: Biological Advanced Persistent Threats The Apps on your mobile devices that may be enabling surveillance Why you may soon know more about how much information your service providers are revealing to the government The total compromise of the TorMail anonymous email […]

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This is  episode 15 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for December, 2013 In this episode I talk about: How people are tracking the biggest ever theft of Bitcoins A keylogger that has compromised 2 million accounts Why a majority of Turks may be at risk of identity theft How an anonymous bomb hoaxer got caught A […]

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This is episode 14 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for November,2013. In this episode I talk about: How your phone might be tracked, even if it is off The hidden second operating system in your phone Advertising privacy settings in Android KitKat How Google is using your profile in caller ID and the lengths to […]

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Welcome to episode 13 of our podcast for September, 2013. In this episode I will talk about: A major security breach at Adobe How airplane mode can make your iPhone vulnerable to theft Russian plans to spy on visitors and athletes at the winter Olympics Whether you should move your cloud storage to the EU […]

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