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On October 21st, a large number of websites, including some of the biggest names, were knocked off the Internet by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. A DDoS attack occurs when thousands to millions of devices send traffic to a target, completely overloading its servers or Internet connection.

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The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep. 22

Welcome to episode 22 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for July, 2014. In this episode I will talk about: A recent revealed compromise of the Tor anonymity system Why Canvas Fingerprinting both is and is not a big deal The coming conflict between US searches and EU privacy How even genealogy information can compromise your identity […]

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A vulnerability in LIFX WiFi enabled light bulbs allowed researchers at Context Information Security to control the lights and access information about the local network setup. The whole “Internet of Things” trend is introducing all kinds of new vulnerabilities. Because these devices tend to be cheap, don’t feel like tech, and don’t expose much user […]