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Irish Data Protection Commissioner Billy Hawkes has stepped in to have a database of civil registration records removed from the website The problem is that the database contains information on living persons which is often used for identity verification. That would include things like mother’s maiden name and birth date. While these are public […]

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Are Credit Monitoring Services Worth It? — Krebs on Security Brian Krebs has written an excellent discussion and analysis of credit monitoring / credit protection services, and some steps you need to take to protect yourself. You should read it. Lance Cottrell is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Anonymizer. Follow me on Facebook and […]


Welcome to episode 13 of our podcast for September, 2013. In this episode I will talk about: A major security breach at Adobe How airplane mode can make your iPhone vulnerable to theft Russian plans to spy on visitors and athletes at the winter Olympics Whether you should move your cloud storage to the EU […]

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Krebs on Security discovered that a major identity theft service populated its databases by raiding the vaults of three of the biggest personal information brokers, including LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet, and Kroll Background which does employment background, drug, and health screening. This is very bad news. The stolen data includes SSN, birthdays, and the answers […]


Vendor of Stolen Bank Cards Hacked — Krebs on Security Brian Krebs has an interesting blog post on how all of the credit card information was stolen by a hacker from a website that sells stolen credit cards. This is in the “don’t know whether to laugh or cry” department.

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