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Welcome to episode 7 of The Privacy Blog Podcast. In April’s episode, we’ll be looking at the blacklisting of SSL certificate authorities by Mozilla Firefox – Specifically, what this complex issue means and why Mozilla chose to start doing this. In more breaking online privacy news, I will be discussing the security implications of relying […]

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I have recently seen chatter suggesting people are confused about my thinking and allegiances on various privacy issues. First, a few core beliefs that form the axioms underlying my actions and positions. I believe that: The basic design of the Internet and the protocols that run on top of it make it the most privacy […]

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Courthouse News Service reports that a virginia judge has ruled Facebook “Likes” are not protected speech. The case was related to employees of the Hampton VA sheriff’s office who “Liked” the current sheriff’s opponent in the last election. After he was re-elected, he fired many of the people who had supported his opponent. The judge ruled […]

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Back in February, British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech where he strongly opposed the censorship and crack down on protesters in Egypt. For decades, some have argued that stability required highly controlling regimes, and that reform and openness would put that stability at risk. So, the argument went, countries like Britain faced a […]

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Amid unrest, a hard new look at online anonymity | The Social – CNET News: This article takes an interesting look at the issues with Facebook’s true name policy and the impact it has on activists and dissidents in repressive countries. It quite rightly talks about the fact that for most of the history of […]

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