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Welcome to episode 7 of The Privacy Blog Podcast. In April’s episode, we’ll be looking at the blacklisting of SSL certificate authorities by Mozilla Firefox – Specifically, what this complex issue means and why Mozilla chose to start doing this. In more breaking online privacy news, I will be discussing the security implications of relying […]

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The Register has an article on Firefox black listing an SSL Certificate authority. Certificates and certificate authorities are the underpinnings of our secure web infrastructure. When you see the lock on your browser, it means that the session is encrypted and the site has presented a valid site certificate (so it is who it claims […]

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I am very excited that we have finally released our new free “Anonymizer Nevercookie” product. You can download it here from our facebook account. It enhances the private browsing mode in Firefox to protect against a whole range of new kinds of tracking cookies that currently are nearly impossible to delete.

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