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The FBI’s hack of Syed Farook’s iPhone appears to be a lot of work. This makes the security implications much less disturbing.

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Microsoft challenged an FBI National Security Letter, and won | ZDNet Recently unsealed documents show that Microsoft was able to beat back a National Security Letter (NSL) from the FBI. NSL are like subpoenas but go through a different, and secret, process that bypasses the courts. NSL also include a gag order forbidding the recipient […]

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The New Scientist has an article on the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) program. It started out as a project to replace the old fingerprint database, but will now include biometrics, DNA, voice prints, and facial recognition. The idea is to database all the mugshots so people can be quickly identified after arrest, or possibly […]

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The EFF has an excellent article on eight reasons why government regulation of cryptography is a bad idea. The short answer is: the bad guys can easily get it and use it anyway, and it will make security for the rest of us much worse (not including the big brother surveillance  and constitutional issues).

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