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Two new attacks on Tor have recently been published. One inserts malware into software updates, the other compromises bitcoin transactions.

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Mt. Gox, the failed Bitcoin exchange, announced that it had found about 200,000 BTC in an old wallet that had not been used since June 2011. This information was revealed in a legal filing in Japan. That is like finding $118 Million in your old wallet that got lost in the cushions of your sofa. […]


In episode 17 of The Privacy Blog Podcast for February, 2014 I talk about: The just completed RSA Security conference How an email can expose your location A guy who suffered extortion because his username was so valuable. What happened in the latest Bitcoin fiasco Exactly how secure Apple’s iMessage protocol is And finally how insurance […]

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Welcome to Episode 11 of The Privacy Blog Podcast, brought to you by Anonymizer. In this episode, I’ll discuss the shutdown of secure email services by Lavabit and Silent Circle. In addition, we’ll dive into the problem with hoarding Bitcoins and how you can protect yourself while using the increasingly popular online currency. Lastly, I’ll […]

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