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Security firm Kryptowire discovered that at least hundreds of thousands of Android phones in the US are configured to automatically send all text messages, call logs, location information, contact lists and more to servers in China every 72 hours. This is all invisible to the end user.

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When anything big happens on the Internet, the criminals and snoops are not far behind. This time the event is Pokemon Go and there are all kinds of different threats developing in its wake from malware to tracking to physical danger. I you are not familiar with this game yet just look around next time […]

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In episode 20 of our podcast for May I talk about: The need to target your privacy efforts Why your secrets may not be safe with secrecy apps The possibility of more light shining on National Security Letters Conflicted feelings about censorship in the Russian government Google and the right to be forgotten What you need to do […]

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Is your Android watching you?

Your smartphone’s camera might be spying on you Researcher Syzmon Sidor has created an app that will stealthily activate the camera on an Android phone. The trick is bypassing the requirement in Android to have a preview window open any time the camera is active. Syzmon’s solution was to make the preview window only a […]

This is episode 14 of the Privacy Blog Podcast for November,2013. In this episode I talk about: How your phone might be tracked, even if it is off The hidden second operating system in your phone Advertising privacy settings in Android KitKat How Google is using your profile in caller ID and the lengths to […]

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Infosec Institute published an article showing in detail how application signing on Android devices can be defeated. This trick allows the attacker to modify a signed application without causing the application to fail its signature check. The attack works by exploiting a flaw in the way signed files in the .apk zip file are installed […]

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In the March episode of The Privacy Blog Podcast, I’ll run down some of the major privacy news events of the last month. Learn how Facebook “Likes” can paint an extremely detailed and eerie picture of your real-life character traits. I’ll provide my take on Google’s Street View Wi-Fi sniffing controversy along with how “Do […]

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