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The Privacy Blog Podcast – Ep.4: Data Privacy Day – Privacy Legislation, Social Media, and Corporate Data Security


Welcome to first podcast of 2013. In honor of Data Privacy Day, which falls on January 28th, I’ll be discussing current data privacy and security issues facing both consumers and businesses by taking you through the pros and cons of privacy legislation, privacy in the context of social media, and corporate data security at the human level.

Hope you enjoy January’s episode of The Privacy Blog Podcast. Please leave any feedback or questions you have in the comments section below.

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  • trip elix · February 11, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Never in the time of human existence has each detail of our daily lives been under such constant scrutiny. Many may think that by making these statements I would be protesting over only my own government or incorporating some pathetic 1984 big brother paranoia. Indeed the revelations made by Edward Snowden over the NSA programs are a valid concern. It is not though setting the price of goods and limiting the opportunities of millions like those of corporate interests. The countless corporate entities monitoring practically all of our actions is the real shared problem we face. It seems that the idea of our privacy was somehow lost.
    We as a society are under surveillance by a multi-billion dollar effort. It hides itself as being a humble direct marketing campaign that the economy depends on. The funny thing is most of the data that the big data brokers have, is stolen from us. Many of the agreements that you have signed, are really invalid and worthless pieces of paper. Almost every agreement you signed stated the company might or will share your information. The companies are selling that information and are in breach of their own agreements.
    I’ve written a book called a ‘Right To Property’. My editor still has it, and I have no idea when he will be done. I am hoping to change dramatically the opinion of millions of people. All I really want to tell them is something they already should know. Their name is their property too. The information that is out there about them is not public information. Most of it is stolen, and if you are among them you have been damaged. The whole country has. I have a plan to make it stop. please take a look at the website and let me know your thoughts.


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