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Lawmakers To Introduce New Internet Privacy Bill : NPR

Lawmakers To Introduce New Internet Privacy Bill : NPR

Rick Boucher (D-VA) has released draft legislation to significantly increase required privacy notifications for Internet users.

Many websites are fighting the proposed bill, claiming it would hurt their business. I am unsympathetic to complaint that their business would suffer if people actually knew what they were doing with your information. Given that this would apply to all websites, if a policy is no worse than average it should not drive people to other sites.

I would very much like to see the market start to enable competition on the basis of privacy policies.

We shall see how this actually turns out once it has been through the sausage making process. My experience is that most bills about technology end up doing more damage through unintended consequences than they actually help.

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  • rodmar · June 28, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Your last point is absolutely right.
    As for enabling competition on the basis of privacy policies, this is still a difficult problem to solve.

    I would say that most of the people are not aware of most of the privacy issues. People should be educated about all of the privacy implications that they incur in a every day life. Something like this would have little impact if people don’t understand the importance of whatever the notification is trying to say.
    Most people would still click on accept without even reading it.
    People should be aware and they should be the ones making pressure for legislation like this to be created in order to protect their personally identifiable information that is exchanged between third parties in about every operation they perform nowadays in the Internet.

    How do we make them aware of such privacy issues I don’t know.


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