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Facebook tries to force you to use their email

Forbs recently noticed that Facebook suddenly and basically without warning made your default visible email address on your timeline.

I had no idea that such an email address even existed! I certainly don’t check it explicitly. Emails to that address end up in your standard Facebook messages queue, which for me is mostly a black hole.

LifeHacker has a nice article on how to change the settings back to how you might want them.

You may not want some spammer to get that address and start filling up your Facebook messages queue.



  • Simon Tidnam · June 29, 2012 at 10:29 am

    It looks like Facebook is trying to follow Google’s model with Gmail. If users adopt Facebook email addresses then they’ll be able to collect and sell even more personal data.


  • Author comment by lance · July 6, 2012 at 8:16 am

    That is clearly the intent. FaceBook wants your entire on-line life to flow through their systems.


  • Cherry · July 28, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Since Facebook is persistent in implementing features and changes to its platform to collect as much data from users as possible, it is up to users to practice vigilance. If they make it difficult to delete Facebook messages, wall posts, photos, likes, and status updates, users must look for a way to do this without relying on Facebook.


  • Sydney · August 7, 2012 at 12:30 am

    Make your system secure and NEVER provide real-life user data, unless there’s absolutely no way to get around it! (Be creative in this regard, as there are MANY ways to circumvent their access to your true data that they say you must provide “in order to keep improving their product for the users. Most of these sites just collect the data you provide and turn around and sell their lists to their favorite marketing broker or directly to a marketeer. Always use a faux user ID and address (street/city/state/zip/et al); be creative with email addresses! If you want to keep your current address as your main contact, but set up a dozen, or so alias’. This allows you to simply delete an address that starts to become a homing beacon for spammers and the other ilk that always, eventually begins to show up; if you just want to keep the address, do so, let these jerks waste time/effort sending their crap to a black hole, no reply, no response of any kind from you.) There are many Free email services that let you set that kind of email/attachment handling procedure…BUT…don’t use ANY of those that are simply shills, letting you provide them all of their marking data

    Use the BEST anti-virus/anti-malware suite you can find; also, when making any form of procurement, keep firmly in mind that the more you pay hardly ever equates to better quality (this applies to any purchases made by you through your life!). Do some browsing and find locations where true security experts gather, to lounge, chat, et al; read security blogs from the experts, not the normal users that wannabee thought of as “experts” in anything related with microelectronics. There are a number of well-respected security organizations that users should frequent on the Internet, for tips, tricks, advice, etc. Skip the myriad of sites where general users’ comparisons/scores are compiled and given to you as a true indicator of how well one product (or several) outshine(s) the rest. If you bother reading any of these “reviews,” comments and descriptions (e.g., Pros & Cons) entered on these various sites, it’s obvious to see the difference between an educated! adult/teen and those that are a mix of teens/adults that simply missed the boat. Rather than sticking to the point, following the rules provided them in advance, the largest grouping will just jump in and start flaming one corporation after another, especially if these corporations are huge, well respected. Or, these same groups flame and belittle the neophyte, or beginner programmer who would usually feel proud of what they have just accomplished, wanting some useful feedback and useful criticism. Instead of encouragement, they get stoned, or other things that are mentally akin to it; these totally ignorant users would kick a dead horse, not even acknowledging the work/time the author put into the particular project, usually NO hint of a “…thanks for the freebie!” Or even being just a little courteous when making making constructive criticism (rather than destructive complaints, putting the author down and, I’m sure, turning whatever good feelings the author may have had, into pain and bitterness. Hopefully, the would-be programmers will let the sh*it slide off, knowing the anything of a flaming nature is of NO import and should be ignored. Look for the few users that offer constructive criticism in a courteous manner.

    {I’ve gone a bit off-track for the next paragraph…}

    Keep the pressure on your Congressional Representatives and Senators, as well as any Federal Government agency (e.g. FCC and more) that would be the slightest bit connected with the problem. Send personal letters, emails, vmails, letters and whatever communication method you can think of, so legislation with some real teeth can be written that can take a big bite out of the entire Marketing and SPAM industry! They have been invading our privacy more each year and we should let Washington (and your local State Governments) know enough is enough! Take away the power that they have been slowly gaining and return the Privacy to “WE, the people…” as provided to us by the U.S. Constitution!

    This ends my off-track complaint. 🙂

    Thanks for your time…hope this helps! 😉


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