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Government enabled Chinese criminal hacking.

Thanks to the Financial Times for their article on this.

When we hear that a company has been hacked by China what is usually meant is that the company has been hacked from a computer with a Chinese IP address. The immediate implication is that it is Chinese government sponsored.

Of course, there are many ways in which the attacks might not be from anyone in China at all. Using proxies or compromised computers as relays, would allow the attacker to be anywhere in the world while appearing to be in China. The fact that there is so much hype about Chinese government hacking right now, makes China the perfect false flag for any attacker. It sends investigators down the wrong path immediately. However, there is growing evidence that many of the attacks are actually being perpetrated by independent Chinese civilian criminal hackers out to make a buck. They are intent on stealing and selling intellectual property. The huge supply, and under employment, of computer trained people in China may be to blame. They have the skills, the time, and a need for money.

The Chinese government has also been very lax about trying to track down these individuals and generally suppress this kind of activity. The hacking activity is certainly beneficial to the Chinese economy, as the IP is generally stolen from outside China and sold to give advantage to Chinese companies. That gives a kind of covert and subtle support to the hacking activity without any actual material help or direction.

So, it is not quite government sponsored, and it IS actually Chinese. The bottom line is that it is a real problem, and a threat that is actually harder to track down and prevent because it is so amorphous.

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  • Joseph Hales · June 27, 2017 at 8:06 am

    I have chinese taking control of my communications, and trying to bankrupt me because my business relies on phone calls. a outfit named Z&Y house investments limited partnership is buying houses in droves. They list their assets as less than a million when the Restaurant the company officers own is tax valued at over 500K. The Chinese are conquering our country because Reagan signed away the requirement to be a citizen to own property in USA. Since the 80’s USA has become a conglomerate of foreign owned corporations and/or persons, and the Chinese have financed USA’s debt, so what if we default? Now that I use evry opportunity to expose them I have been under their full attention, and attack. So the object is to bankrupt Americans and buy what they have for pennies on the dollar worth.


  • Joseph Hales · June 27, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Let’ s not forget many of these restaurants also participate in drug, people trafficking, and now have persons with degrees in electronics and communications altering, and splicing cables through companies who do not have any scruples. They are also making robo servers to reroute calls whether land or cable and yes even satellite based. This needs to be brought to the attention of Homeland Security as long as they are not helping them through blackmail of our national debt.


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