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Turkey is preparing to implement massive new Interenet censorship and surveillance scheme.

Turkey map flagTurkey Debates New Law to Control Web Users – Emerging Europe Real Time – WSJ

Turkey already requests more takedowns from Google than any other country in the world, almost 1700 in the first half of 2013. They have a history of blocking popular websites like Youtube, and Vimeo, and Prime Minister Erdogan lashes out against Twitter at every opportunity.

Now the government is about to enact sweeping new powers to force providers to keep complete records of all user activity for 2 years, and give the government total access to that information.

This appears to be a reaction to citizen use of social media to coordinate protests and spread information about Turkish government corruption.

Unless they implement a ban on privacy technologies, VPN services like Anonymizer Universal will provide a way of getting around this kind of logging. I would strongly suggest that people in Turkey make a habit of always using VPNs, and moving to search engines, email, and social media platforms located outside of the country.

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  • Pondzholewell · December 14, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Modern Turkey’s psychological obsession with westerners evolves from who they are. Half Central Asian and half Greco-Slavic. The largest organized mass rape of an advanced civilization’s female population since the conquest of Gaul Over a 250 year expansion. Yes they are Muslim. More pretensious and politically powerful than they’ve been in 300 years. Modern post -coldwar balance of power obligations are such that the US and Britain pucker Modern Turks dismiss allegations about the Armenians and Greeks they brutalized. What many find hard to deal with happened in Serbia, Greece and Romania in th


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