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Lizard Squad did a bad job of attacking Tor, it could have been much worse.

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Two new attacks on Tor have recently been published. One inserts malware into software updates, the other compromises bitcoin transactions.

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Tor just announced that they have detected and blocked an attack that may have allowed hidden services and possibly users to be de-anonymized. It looks like this may be connected to the recently canceled BlackHat talk on Tor vulnerabilities. One hopes so, otherwise the attack may have been more hostile than simple research. Tor is […]

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Russia puts a bounty on Tor's head

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs recently announced a contest to create a method to identify Tor users, with a prize of about $114,000. Clearly the government is worried about the ability of Tor to allow people to bypass the increasingly draconian Internet laws that have been put in place. This puts a big target […]

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Check your phone for evil Tor app

Fake Tor browser for iOS laced with adware, spyware, members warn | Ars Technica There are a number of different Tor anonymity service apps in the Apple iOS app store. According to several people at Tor, one of them is unofficial and loaded with adware and spyware. The bad one is “Tor Browser”. If you […]

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