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Welcome to the 12th episode of The Privacy Blog Podcast brought to you by Anonymizer. In September’s episode, I will talk about a court ruling against Google’s Wi-Fi snooping and the vulnerabilities in the new iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner. Then, I’ll provide some tips for securing the new iPhone/iOS 7 and discuss the results of […]

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ZDNet has published a nice article on 4 key privacy settings under iOS 7 that have defaults you might want to change. Mostly related to location information.

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Report: Teens Actually Do Care About Online Privacy — Dark Reading I keep hearing people say that young people today don’t care about privacy, and that we are living in a post privacy world. This is clearly not the case. Teens share a lot, maybe much more than I would be comfortable with, but that […]


Welcome to the June edition of the Privacy Blog Podcast, brought to you by Anonymizer. In June’s episode, I’ll discuss the true nature of the recently leaked surveillance programs that has dominated the news this month. We’ll go through a quick tutorial about decoding government “speak” regarding these programs and how you can protect yourself […]

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Welcome to episode 7 of The Privacy Blog Podcast. In April’s episode, we’ll be looking at the blacklisting of SSL certificate authorities by Mozilla Firefox – Specifically, what this complex issue means and why Mozilla chose to start doing this. In more breaking online privacy news, I will be discussing the security implications of relying […]

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Adam Rifkin on TechCrunch has an interesting article about Tumblr and how it is actually used. The thesis of the article is that Tumblr is used more openly and for more sensitive things than Facebook because the privacy model is so much easier to understand and implement. If you have five interests and corresponding social […]

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A Guest Post by Robin Wilton of the Internet Society   We are the raw material of the new economy. Data about all of us is being prospected for, mined, refined, and traded…   . . . and most of us don’t even know about it.   Every time we go online, we add to […]

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Gigaom reports on a major security issue at Nokia, first announced in the “Treasure Hunt” blog. Their Asha and Lumia phones come with something they call the “Xpress Browser”. To improve the browser experience, the web traffic is proxies and cached. That is a fairly common and accepted practice. Where Nokia has stepped into questionable […]

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Welcome to Anonymizer’s inaugural episode of The Privacy Podcast. Each month, we’ll be posting a new episode focusing on security, privacy, and tips to protect you online. Today, I talk about non-technical ways your online accounts can be compromised, focusing on email address and password reuse, security questions, and using credit card numbers as security […]

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NBC News is reporting that the iOS UDIDs leaked last week were actually stolen from Blue Toad publishing company. Comparing the leaked data with Blue Toad’s data showed 98% correlation which makes them almost certainly the source. They checked the leaked data against their own after receiving a tip from an outside researcher who had […]

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