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Engineers at Golden Frog recently discovered that Cricket wireless was automatically disabling their email encryption. It is not at all clear why they were doing this, but we do know how. When an email client attempts to make a secure connection to a server, it sends a STARTTLS command. If the server never sees the […]

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The recent incident where attackers posted usernames and passwords for compromised Dropbox accounts really shows the importance of practicing good password hygiene. GigaOm has one of many articles describing the actual events. The short version is that some hackers have been posting usernames and passwords to Dropbox accounts on a Pastebin page. Dropbox says that […]

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Here is a new “as a service” offering I had never considered. Companies are supporting ISPs in responding to classified FISA court search warrants for the ISPs, including helping to capture the data and deciding if the request is proper. Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA | ZDNet Lance […]

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Cosplay for Privacy!

All The Best Dragon Con Cosplayers Fighting For Online Privacy In a brilliant campaign, IO9 and the EFF is having cosplayers pose with pro-anonymity, pro-privacy, and pro-pseudonymity signs. See the whole set here. The most popular seems to be “I have a right to a Secret Identity!”. Lance Cottrell is the Founder and Chief Scientist […]


The Internet is on fire with outrage right now about the security warnings in the Facebook Messenger app. The furor is based on the viral spread of a post on the Huffington Post back in December of last year. The issue has come to the fore because Facebook is taking the messaging capability out of […]

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On Sunday I appeared on The Social Network Show talking about general privacy and security issues. Follow the link below for the show’s post and audio. The Social Network Show on KDWN Presents Lance Cottrell — The Social Network Station Lance Cottrell is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Anonymizer. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, […]

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The Importance of Privacy & The Power of Anonymizers: A Talk With Lance Cottrell From Ntrepid — The Social Network Station A recent interview I did, talking about data anonymization and mobile device privacy. Lance Cottrell is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Anonymizer. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


The recent ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has re-ignited debate about the “right to be forgotten”, or perhaps more accurately the right to have certain information purged from the Internet. While this right provides some real privacy benefits, it runs up against free speech and jurisdictional problems. Here are seven conundrums around […]


Startup Datacoup Will Pay You $8 a Month If Your Feed It Data from Facebook, Twitter, and Your Credit Card | MIT Technology Review We have seen interesting experiments and studies where researchers have looked at what people are willing to pay to protect their privacy. This then would be the opposite experiment. A company […]

Study: Consumers Will Pay $5 for an App That Respects Their Privacy – Rebecca J. Rosen – The Atlantic This is refreshing. Some evidence that most people ARE actually willing to pay for privacy. If the market shows that this is a winner, we might start to see more privacy protecting applications and services. The […]

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