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This article got me thinking:┬áPeople’s ignorance of online privacy puts employers at risk – Network World There is an interesting paradox for security folks. On the one hand, almost two thirds of people feel that security is a matter of personal responsibility. On the other hand, few are actually doing very much to protect themselves. […]




Is anyone here actually a bad guy?

Wendy Nather at Dark Reading has post on the explosion of white hat “offensive defense”. She speaks to an issue I have been thinking about for some time. More and more security firms and internal security groups are going “offensive”. They are setting up more and more honey pots, creating fake malware, posting about false […]

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There is a lot of buzz right now about how Google Glass will lead to some kind of universal George Orwell type surveillance state. I think this misses the point. We are going there without Google Glass. Private surveillance is becoming ubiquitous. Any place of business is almost certain to have cameras. After the Boston […]

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I have recently seen chatter suggesting people are confused about my thinking and allegiances on various privacy issues. First, a few core beliefs that form the axioms underlying my actions and positions. I believe that: The basic design of the Internet and the protocols that run on top of it make it the most privacy […]

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The Fear Tax

An essay on the cost of ineffective overreaction to threats.

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