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Courthouse News Service reports┬áthat a virginia judge has ruled Facebook “Likes” are not protected speech. The case was related to employees of the Hampton VA sheriff’s office who “Liked” the current sheriff’s opponent in the last election. After he was re-elected, he fired many of the people who had supported his opponent. The judge ruled […]

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Lawsuit filed to stop sniffing of browser history by major porn website. Technique is shown to be surprisingly widespread.

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Argentine judge: Google, Yahoo must censor searches | Latest News in Politics and Law – CNET News There is a disturbing trend towards increasing regulation of the Internet. In this case, Argintine judges have ordered Google and Yahoo to remove certain search results related to various individuals. This appears to be a back door way […]

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Swiss bank in Wikileaks case abruptly abandons lawsuit | The Iconoclast – politics, law, and technology – CNET News.comIn a follow up to the earlier story, it seems that the judge finally realized the implications of his actions to free speech, and the fact that his injunction was almost completely ineffective. This is a really […]

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Wikileaks domain name yanked in spat over leaked documents | The Iconoclast – politics, law, and technology – CNET News.comDeclan does a really good job here of discussing a fascinating case. WikiLeaks is a Wiki based website designed to enable completely anonymous posting of tips and leaked documents. It is focused around enabling disclosure of […]

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Yahoo seeks to dismiss China case – Yahoo! News This is a really interesting legal case. Yahoo was sued in the US by people representing some Chinese journalists who were convicted in China of violating Chinese law. Yahoo’s involvement was to provide evidence from their logs and stored account data. The argument is that Yahoo […]

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