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The EFF has an excellent article on eight reasons why government regulation of cryptography is a bad idea. The short answer is: the bad guys can easily get it and use it anyway, and it will make security for the rest of us much worse (not including the big brother surveillance  and constitutional issues).

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It appears that a company is now selling a tool that will allow high resolution tracking of the motion of customers through stores and malls by triangulating on their cell phones. The technique involves tracking the phone through its globally unique IMEI number. The company claims that this is anonymous because only the phone company […]

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Wikipedia Spin Doctors Revealed – Yahoo! News Once again, people use the Internet in inappropriate ways assuming that they are anonymous. In this case, Virgil Griffith has created WikiScanner. The idea is really simple. Look through Wikipedia for the IP addresses of everyone who has submitted edits to Wikipedia. They also provide tools to make […]

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