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How to protect yourself against the recent Rootpipe vulnerability in the Mac OS X version of sudo, which would allow an attacker total control of your computer.

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In the article below Attorney General Eric Holder said ““It is fully possible to permit law enforcement to do its job while still adequately protecting personal privacy” This is simply not true, and harkens back to the discredited arguments made by the FBI in the 1990’s about the Clipper Chip. It is hard enough to make […]

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Apple is getting taken to task for a couple of security issues. First, their recently announced “Random MAC address” feature does not appear to be as effective as expected. The idea is that the iOS 8 device will use randomly generated MAC addresses to ping WiFi base stations when it is not actively connected to […]

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Since it was introduced, Apple has had the ability to decrypt the contents if iPhones and other iOS devices when asked to do so (with a warrant). Apple recently announced that with iOS 8 Apple will no longer be able to do so. Predictably, there has been a roar of outrage from many in law […]

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The Internet is on fire with discussions of the recent release of stolen nude photos of over 100 female celebrities. This is a massive invasion of their privacy, and it says something sad about our society that there is an active market for such pictures. While this particular attack was against the famous, most of […]

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In episode 21 of our podcast for July, I talk about: A decision giving Canadians more rights to Anonymity Iraq’s recent blocking of social media and more Iran’s outright criminalization of social media A court decision requiring warrants to access cell tower location data Another court stating that irrelevant seized data needs to be deleted after searches […]

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News just broke of a new feature in iOS 8 announced at Apple’s WWDC which was not covered in the big keynote. Advertisers and retail outlets have been using Wi-Fi to track mobile devices for some time. I talked about a network of Wi-Fi tracking trashcans last year in the podcast. This works because, by default, […]

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Check your phone for evil Tor app

Fake Tor browser for iOS laced with adware, spyware, members warn | Ars Technica There are a number of different Tor anonymity service apps in the Apple iOS app store. According to several people at Tor, one of them is unofficial and loaded with adware and spyware. The bad one is “Tor Browser”. If you […]

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Apple Keeps Turning Bluetooth On When You Update Your iPhone Recent iOS updates have automatically re-enabled Bluetooth for many users who keep it turned off for battery conservation or privacy reasons. The increasing use of iBeacons and other Bluetooth based tracking systems make this a bigger privacy worry than before. Tracking via Bluetooth is now […]

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In episode 17 of The Privacy Blog Podcast for February, 2014 I talk about: The just completed RSA Security conference How an email can expose your location A guy who suffered extortion because his username was so valuable. What happened in the latest Bitcoin fiasco Exactly how secure Apple’s iMessage protocol is And finally how insurance […]

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